What is Aqidah?

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When we say Aqidah, we mean that which your heart accepts without reservation, from the absolute facts revealed to Allah’s messenger, peace be upon him. The word Aqidah comes from the Arabic root of `Aqada which means to hold tightly and make a knot. The meaning of Aqidah as it relates to our behavior and mentality means to be firm and tenacious. This is the way every Muslim should feel when it comes to the fundamentals of Islam; have firm belief and strong conviction in your heart.


More clearly, Aqidah is to believe in Allah and everything related to Him; His worthiness of worship and lordship, his names and attributes, belief in the angels, books, messengers, destiny, the last day and everything authentic in the religion. We must accept Allah as the ruler and legislator and accept the messenger, peace be upon him, as one worthy of obedience and as a leader and guide, whose behavior and judgment we seek to emulate.
The most important part of the Aqidah of the Muslim is Al-Tawheed, which is the oneness of Allah in worship, lordship and names and attributes. The importance and meaning of Al-Tawheed enables us to use the term interchangeably with Aqidah. 
Allah created the heavens and the earth solely for Al-Tawheed; he sent all the messengers and prophets to invite the people to Al-Tawheed and to worship him alone. Consequently, it is incumbent upon us as Muslims to learn this, to know the purpose behind our existence, and to teach and spread this knowledge to our children, families and humanity. We should strive to return to the pure faith, and correct some common Aqidah mistakes which affect many Muslims, whether in belief or practice.